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EPDM rubber roofs



EPDM  flat roofing system is an effective method of water-proofing domestic and commercial roofs, with no seems or joins every meter such as felt EPDM is a one sheet covering that comes in either 1.2mm or 1.5mm thickness. At Kingfisher we have a team of roofing experts who specialise in EPDM Rubber Roofs why not give us a call for your free quotation and call out servive, if you require more info please contact us. 





Liquid plastic coatings
Liquid Plastic coatings is a 3 layer system blended with fibreglass to create a waterproof and safe seal, this installation is perfect for a flat roof repair or also can be applied to a new roof installation, it is by far the new and upcoming material for roofing and roof repairs, why not contact Kingfisher today for more info on liquid plastics.

Pitched Roofs



A well-constructed pitched roof adds great character to homes. With many years of experience in the roofing trade, Kingfisher Roofing & Maintenance is a trusted roofing company in Bangor county down. We have great experience in installing and maintaining pitched roofs of all sizes and designs. Using material sourced from reliable sources and the latest construction methods, we combine the classic style of pitched roofing with the durability offered by modern roofing materials. In addition to new roof instalations we also do roof repairs and re-roofing.











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